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Will you go to the Mountaintop with Us?

Businessman; Husband; Father, son of God: Which do you identify with more of the time?

You know that running a business is hard, and you still believe it’s worth it. You probably did not anticipate the toll that it would take on your life, family and faith journey.


Embark on the Voyage
Voyage is a new and exclusive experience for accomplished business owners in need of reconnection to God, peers, and purpose for servant leadership.


You have been chosen to join us and a select group of Cincinnati Christian Businessmen for a life-changing retreat in the majestic mountains of Montana followed by a businessmen’s small group conclave.


You will grow from:

  • Anointed facilitator to guide your voyage as Son of God
  • Private time with your Lord in the mountain splendor
  • Outdoor adventures with your brothers in Christ
  • A monthly Conclave with your fellow Voyagers to encourage sustained growth


OCEAN has been providing Christian-based training to startups for five years and is excited to apply its capabilities for experienced business owners. Christian business owners have a divine advantage serving in the marketplace, leading their families and community in the fullness as sons of God.


Voyage is designed specifically for you.

Embark on the full Voyage with an investment of $3499 and you will get:

Mountaintop Summit

  • Clear your head and prepare for the Voyage by getting away for a 3-day retreat in September led by a business owner and gifted group facilitator at a private Montana Ranch.
  • Time to get away and unplug from the distractions and demands of everyday life
  • Learn skills to abide, listen, and calibrate working and play to make the essential connection to your Heavenly Dad
  • Focus on your identity as a child of a good Heavenly Dad, and learn how to live as true sons
  • Unique teaching and practical tools on how faith and entrepreneurship intersect
  • A range of activities are included, such as hiking, rafting, horseback riding, and campfire-side chats
  • Lodging and meals (flight not included)
  • A Voyage journal, program materials, and content


Mountaintop Summit Logistics (Accommodations, meals, and refreshments are provided)

Mountain Ranch, Missoula, Montana
September 4-8, 2019
Arrive by 1:00 PM Wednesday
Return by 4:00 PM on Sunday



  • Stay strong by meeting monthly for 4-hrs/month with 6-8 fellow Voyagers and an OCEAN Navigator
  • Peer to Peer advisory on your most strategic and pressing issues
  • Instruction on how you can begin or continue to intentionally and strategically develop a culture of Biblical identity in your homes and business
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching with an OCEAN Navigator
  • Weekly Connection Telecom with an OCEAN Accountability Partner
  • Refreshments and lunch the day of each Conclave
  • Two VIP Passes to OCEAN Conference


Conclave Logistics (Cincinnati, OH region)

First Tuesday of each month
Location: 1100 Sycamore St. Floor #4, Cincinnati OH 45202
October 2019 – August 2020
10AM – 2PM


Reserve your spot for the Voyage
OCEAN Voyage launches September 2019