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Genesis Small Business Training

Follow Your Call

At OCEAN, we believe that if God has called you to a journey, you should sail bravely into the open waters where He is calling you. Our Genesis Small Business Training Program is designed to help you embark on your small business journey with the community, tools, and resources you need for a successful voyage.

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The Big Picture

Starting a business can be a lonely venture full of challenges, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Come learn, grow, and launch your business idea alongside a team of people who are walking the same path.

Genesis Small Business Training has three core objectives:

What you'll experience in Genesis Small Business Training

You will receive:

  • 8 weekly sessions, ~4 hours per week, focused on core commercial skills required to launch and run a small business
  • Unique teaching and skill-building on how faith and entrepreneurship intersect
  • 6 monthly, mentor-led, group sessions following the completion of the 8 weeks of training
  • A community of fellow founders and small business leaders participating with you
  • An extensive handbook of all course materials and access to cloud-based business planning tools
  • Access to mentors and subject matter experts to get advice and coaching

You will create:

  • A detailed business strategy that is ready to evolve with your business
  • Your company’s mission statement
  • A marketing plan focused on your customer
  • Cost and pricing structures for your offering
  • Sales projections for the next year
  • A simple, effective business pitch
  • A clear financial runway
  • Key performance indicators for gauging your business’ performance

Based on the life and ministry of Jesus, you’ll gain tools for:

  • Growing your faith and fruitfulness
  • Pursuing essential relationships
  • Building a consistent brand both for your life and for your business
  • Developing yourself and others through Jesus’ discipleship model
  • Stewarding your God-given resources wisely and strategically
  • Creating sustainability through both work and rest as God designed
  • Growing in relationship with God
It's time to take your next brave step. But you don't have to do it alone.
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