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2018 Learning Community Descriptions

Small Business Owners

Your small business doesn’t feel so small when you’re the one running it. Small business owners wear multiple hats… operations, management, marketing, sales, and back-office. This strategic workshop will help small business entrepreneurs address the most pressing needs of running a business. Experts will provide tools and resources for juggling the demands of running a business while still having a life outside of your business.

Key Topics

  • 10 Things I wish I knew before starting my business
  • Leveraging social media for growth
  • Building a team: How to find, hire, and keep star employees
  • Free small business resources… that are actually useful
  • Panel: Run your business without ruining your life

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A lot of people have an idea for a business, or say they want to work for themselves, but only some actually take the big step into entrepreneurship. So, what separates those with ideas from those who act on them? This workshop provides insight into what it takes to takes to make the jump and be successful, by presenting practical lessons from real entrepreneurs who have left their day job to pursue their dream job.

Key Topics

  • 10 steps to starting your company
  • How to know if your business idea is any good.
  • Understanding the business model canvas
  • Wired for entrepreneurship: Understanding your strengths & weaknesses
  • Panel: How I jumped into entrepreneurship

High School & University Students

Designed for High School and College students, this immersive workshop will engage students at the early stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Many students proclaim that they want to “start their own thing”, or “work for themselves” one day, but many aren’t sure where to start. The student track at the Ocean Conference will equip students with practical tools, next steps, and opportunities to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs for networking and mentoring opportunities.

Key Topics

  • 25 musts for every student interested in becoming an entrepreneur
  • Panel: How I Started My Business While in School
  • Landing an Internship at a Startup
  • Purpose + Mission: your compass to success
  • Difference between learning and doing

Church Leaders

This learning community is designed to educate and challenge pastors and staff to think like an entrepreneur when it comes to critical mandates of church leadership. A must attend for any church leader looking to grow the entrepreneurial thinking of their church, team, and community.

Key Topics

  • People are the new pastors. A paradigm shift.
  • Multiplication: Moving from should we, to how might we.
  • The Multiethnic Mandate: Breaking the color barrier on Sunday morning.
  • Church Buildings: From anchor to engine.
  • Panel: Fostering an entrepreneurial environment in your ministry context.