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Where Faith & Entrepreneurship Intersect

Announcing OCEAN Membership!
A new membership platform to better connect and serve entrepreneurial leaders like you with content, community, and programs designed to fuel your journey.
We're looking for a tribe who wants to BELONG to something special together. OCEAN Membership will help us identify, equip, and engage the leaders at the core of the OCEAN Community so we can connect, grow, act, and give together. We designed the membership offerings alongside leaders in the OCEAN community to meet real needs and provide meaningful value to entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Provide every entrepreneur with access to tools and relationships to holistically equip them to bravely step out to do the work they are called to do and make a redemptive impact in the world.

What is Ocean?

OCEAN creates opportunities and spaces for entrepreneurs to CONNECT, GROW, ACT, and GIVE at the intersection of Faith + Entrepreneurship.

Launching our NEW Church Economics Accelerator in 2020
The Church Economics Accelerator is a first of its kind program designed by OCEAN Programs and the Mosaix Global Network to equip churches to launch revenue-generating business ventures to sustain their mission. Participants will learn to identify, select, plan, and execute the best ideas and promising practices in order to create multiple streams of income to supplement tithes and offerings.


Inspiration, education and connection


Click below for 2020 Accelerator application link


Diverse, resourceful, dedicated owners, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and supporters


Weekly four-hour sessions for 8 weeks followed by 6 months of mentorship for founders and owners

Build Community
Lessons of Faith & Entrepreneurship

Our Tribe

The OCEAN community is made up of aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, creatives, marketplace professionals, mentors, topical experts, investors, and partnering organizations.