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Where Faith & Entrepreneurship Intersect

Starting January 23 in Springdale!
Entrepreneurship is the exhilarating journey of bringing dreams to life, but this road is filled with unique challenges, obstacles, and big risks. If God has called you to launch and grow a small business, it’s time to take a brave step out that will equip you to walk this path! There’s never been a better time than right now. Our program provides business skills development, an opportunity to grow within meaningful community, and a set of tools based on Biblical principles to help you as you pursue your business dreams. OCEAN Small Business Training is designed especially for small business entrepreneurs who are just starting to build out an idea, those who have launched in the past 1-2 years, or anywhere in between.

OCEAN and Unpolished have become ONE!

In case you missed it...the OCEAN brand is new and improved! As of August 1st, 2018, Unpolished and Ocean Accelerator have been merged under the same company and the Unpolished brand has been retired. But don't worry! All of our current programs and events will continue without interruption, and everything will be exclusively under the fun, new OCEAN Programs brand!

What is Ocean?

We equip entrepreneurs and owners to bravely step out and change the world.


A four-month program for venture backable high-tech startups.


Inspiration, education and connection


Weekly four-hour sessions for 9 weeks followed by 6 months of mentorship for founders and owners.


Diverse, resourceful, dedicated entrepreneurs, owners, investors, mentors and supports

Why Ocean?

Ocean provides entrepreneurs opportunities to share the journey with other entrepreneurs, learn from business leaders, be inspired, find funding, and engage in a community of fellow founders and owners.

Where entrepreneurs build community
Lessons of Faith & Entrepreneurship

Upcoming Events

Ocean events featuring world-class keynote speakers, panels, workshops, meetups, and more.

Our Tribe

Our tribe is made up of entrepreneurs, owners, mentors, subject matter experts, investors, and partner sponsors.

Great networking events to make new connections and build relationships.
A place where you can ask questions and get answers.